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The best strategies for boosting self-confidence

The best strategies for boosting self-confidence 
The best strategies for boosting self-confidence
The best strategies for boosting self-confidence 

First of all understand that you need no reason to be confident.
You do not need a cause for confidence, do not need a logical explanation and definitely do not need a sustainable reason.
All you need to do is to make a choice.
I want you to try that right now. Close your eyes and 3 times, in your head or out loud, say “I Choose to be confident.”
Likely, you will feel a difference inside just from doing that. It may not be a big difference, but a difference nonetheless.
You can feel confident no matter where you are or what you are doing. You do not need a reason, but have all the reasons in the world!
For example: You can feel confident just because you talked to the cashier, even if you always do that.
In relation to other people that are so socially anxious they do not even leave their house, your social confidence seems through the roof. It would be something they would be incredibly proud of achieving.
The only reason you do not feel the confidence they would feel is because of your relation to it.
You deem confidence as talking effectively to the CEO and anything below as “normal” simply because everyone else does.
But that relation is just in your head!
That is why you do not technically need a reason to feel confident; because you already have enough reasons to be confident, you just do not see them as such.
If you follow this line of thought the best way then to boost your self-confidence is then not by doing anything extraordinary, but instead by paying close attention to the ordinary things.
It’s paying close attention to every kiss, every hug, every time you talk to someone you do not know and every time you get out of bed. Every time you do even a bit of work, every time you learn anything new and even every time you drink a glass of water you can feel more confident in yourself.
You can feel confident because you did something, because you did something for you, because you lived.
Self-confidence, like many other internal feelings, is a very misunderstood thing.
It’s not something you find out there in the world or something that is triggered by something that you’ve yet to discover.
It’s a feeling that you have far more control over and a feeling that you can train to appear more often and stronger with what you already have. You do not have to look outward to boost it but inward.
It’s about looking inside of you, looking back at your life and looking at what you’ve already done that is deserving of confidence.
It’s about lowering the standard to feel confidence because that standard is based solely on your perspective.
You can feel confident even for the smallest of things or for nothing at all because it’s imply a matter of perspective.
If you can feel confident for no reason at all, then every reason you do have is an immensely powerful reason; and you have quite a few.
Look to what you have done and allow yourself to feel confident for every little thing!
Celebrate each thing like a victory, be it a kiss from your partner, a hug from a friend, that you got up at all today or anything else!
Doing so will boost your confidence steadily as the standard steadily decreases. And when you then do something that others find worthy of confidence not only will it create a far more powerful feeling inside of you, bu it will be far more likely to happen simply because you are confident enough to be in those situations!