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    How do I develop confidence while talking?

    1. Practice: The better you get at it, the more confident you will feel. Start talking to people or stay stuck in your comfort zone.
    2. Stop with starters: Nobody cares about how you start. Tell me do you remember the first thing you said to your friends? Just say what you feel like saying.
    3. Be yourself: Some people will like you and some won’t. If you be yourself, the right kind of people will stick with you. Never pretend.
    4. Accept yourself: When you go out and try this, you might fall flat on your face and fail but that’s okay. Make progress, not perfection.
    5. Be happy: If you don’t like being around you, so will people. Do things that make you happy, so that people can’t help but join.
    6. Self-care: Take care of yourself emotionally and physically. Show yourself that you are worth something and people’s opinions doesn’t define you.
    7. Listen closely: Listen as your life depends on it. All people want is to be heard, to feel important. Stop thinking about what to say and just listen.

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