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    How do I strengthen my will power?

    1. The biggest thing that weakens our will power is the need for instant gratification.
    2. Live life — Kill your need for instant gratification by making your life fun and happy. Don’t wait for your goals to fulfill you.
    3. Change your work — if you can change your career or make your work easier, do it. Don’t waste your effort.
    4. Quit perfectionism — let go of the need to make things perfect or getting a certain outcome, go mess up.
    5. Dream big — don’t settle, have ambitions that actually makes you want to work. Nothing is out of your reach!
    6. We are creatures of habits — do things at the same time so eventually you won’t need to use will power.
    7. Exercise will power — sit and focus for a certain amount of time, do something scary, challenge yourself.
    8. Your willpower is at its zenith when you wake up — schedule accordingly.
    9. Nobody is perfect — we all have days when we feel like not doing things and even if you miss, learn to forgive yourself.

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