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    Know the dangerous disadvantages of vitamin E deficiency : Symptoms and treatment

     Vitamin A
    Just as cement and brick are needed to build a house, vitamins and minerals are needed to build a body and they play an important role in our body. Lack of vitamins causes many complications that are detrimental to human health. Our body needs vitamins A, B, C, D and E. We get it in different ways. Vitamin E deficiency can be cured in different ways. Today we will mention the symptoms and treatment caused by vitamin E deficiency.

    Symptoms of Vitamin E Deficiency

    The body needs vitamin E to function. It is an essential vitamin which is very important for our physical health. The following are the symptoms of vitamin E deficiency;

    Muscular weakness

    Vitamin E deficiency causes us to have muscle weakness Vitamin E is very important for our nervous system. It is involved in important oxidants. This deficiency causes muscle tension which leads to muscle weakness. ۔

    Difficulty walking

    Vitamin E deficiency makes it difficult to walk and weakness in the body which makes the person tired of walking and feeling tired.

    System issues

    Due to vitamin E deficiency, our system does not work properly. Vitamin E deficiency prevents our immune cells, so older people can be harmed. It contains antioxidant properties that promote the release of free radicals. Have the ability to resist.

    Natural Treatment for Vitamin E Deficiency

    Vitamin E deficiency is harmful to us. Vitamin E is very important to our skin. To overcome this deficiency, we should use a diet that contains vitamin E content.

    Sources of Vitamin E

    Sunflower seeds

    Sunflower seeds are a source of vitamin E. People also use them as salads. Sunflower seeds help us to digest our digestion.

    Use of almonds

    Almonds are also a source of vitamin E, and they also contain iron, magnesium and protein, which are very important for human health.

    The use of peanuts
    Peanuts also have Vitamin E. Peanuts also contain 4.93 mg of Vitamin E.

    Nuts and vegetable oils
    Gere is found in vitamin E which is very good for human health. Besides, soybean oil is found in vitamin E which is good for human health.

    Overuse of Vitamin E is also harmful which is dangerous for us so it should be used moderately. It requires contact with a nutritionist and you can easily contact your nutritionist at home and via video consultation. Get advice

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